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Glidevale Maxi Vent Straight Sleeve MV255

Glidevale MV255 Maxi Vent Straight Sleeve is part of a range of glidevale products for ventilating underfloor areas and cavity walls. This MV255 attaches to MV250 Airbrick for straight through-wall applications. Suitable for wall thicknesses from 258 to 305mm. Compatible with the range of Maxi vent adaptors.
£9.64 incl vat

Aluminium Louvred Vent

Surface mounted aluminium louvred vent available in three sizes. Ideal for fixed ventilation in rooms and cupboards.
£4.16 incl vat

Passivent Fresh 90 Wall Vent Square Fascia

The Glidevale Passivent Fresh 90 Wall Vent Square Fascia is a wall ventilators has been specifically designed to introduce fresh air into a house in order to control condensation. It is non-electrical and therefore uses no energy to operate. The vents direct the air flow from around the centre of the room to effectively disperse it.
£27.46 incl vat