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Firecryl FR 310ml

Firecryl FR 310ml is a fire rated acrylic sealent and filler with up to 4 hours fire rating. Intumescent at temperatures above 120°C which prevents the penetration of smoke and fire through joints and gaps. Can be painted.
£4.41 excl vat

Fix All Crystal 290ml

Fix All Crystal 290ml is a 100% CRYSTAL clear sealant, adhesive and filler, based on SMX Hybrid Polymer technology. Suitable for internal and external use. Can be applied in all weather conditions. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials, including wet and damp surfaces. Contains XS1 fungicides providing ultimate mould resistance.
£9.28 excl vat

Fix All Turbo 290ml White

Fix All Turbo 290ml White is a super fast curing adhesive with exceptional final bond strength. Based on SMX Polymer Technology, Turbo has rapid strength build-up after 20 minutes. Final bond strength achieved in 3 hours. For all types of bonding applications, onto all types of surfaces, even wet or humid non-porous surfaces.
£11.02 excl vat

Repair Express Cement 290ml

Repair Express Cement 290ml is a high speed acrylic polymer based, textured repair cement. For easy and quick reparation or filling of joints and cracks in concrete. Can be applied by trowel or gun. sandable and over-paintable once dried. Can be used for internal and external applications.
£4.77 excl vat

Sanitary Silicone 290ml

Sanitary Silicone 290ml is a acetoxy curing silicone specially formulated for use in hot, humid conditions such as bathrooms and kitchens. Cures to form a flexible, durable waterproof seal with good resistance to abrasion and common detergents. Good adhesion to glass (without primer), most acrylics, ceramics, vitreous surfaces, painted surfaces and anodised aluminium. Available in Clear and White.
£7.28 excl vat

Multi-Purpose Silicone 270ml

Multi-Purpose Silicone 270ml is a acetoxy silicone sealant that cures to form a flexible, durable weathertight seal on many common building surfaces, including glass, metals, wood and ceramic tiles. Contains a fungicide that resists mould growth. Suitable for interior and exterior use.
£4.36 excl vat

Soudatight LQ Airtight Liquid Coating 4.5kg

Soudatight LQ Airtight Liquid Coating 4.5kg is a high-quality fibre reinforced polymer membrane which forms an air and vapour tight elastic membrane after drying. The product can be quickly and easily applied with a brush in the desired layer thickness on almost any mineral substrate. Fills cracks up to 5 mm due to fibre-reinforcement. Once dried a second coat (or more) can be applied if required, after which it can be painted or plastered over.
£41.15 excl vat