Plasterboard Fixings

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Rawlplug Metal self drill Plasterboard Fixing

Metal self drill Plasterboard Fixings are easy to use self-drilling light duty fixings that can be drilled straight into plasterboard. Fits flush to board and can be used in single or double thickness plasterboard. Available in packs of 6 and 12.
£3.59 excl vat

Rawlplug SPO Spring Toggle (6 per pack)

SPO Spring Toggle is a self-acting anchor ideal for fixing heavier items to a hollow wall or ceiling. The two metal wings are spring loaded and open behind the wall when inserted. Available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of loads.
£3.49 excl vat

Zinc Self Drive Fixing +SC (Each)

Ideal for Fixings sanitary ware, shelving units, pictures, mirrors, wooden battens and many more. Used for attaching metal to light gauge steel without the need to pre-drill a hole. A bright zinc electrolytic plating finish. Easy to use, no drill required.
£0.34 excl vat

Rawlplug Hollow Wall Anchor (6 per pack)

Hollow Wall Anchors or Molly Bolts are a pre-assembled cavity fixing suitable for fixing items into plasterboard, fibreboards and other hollow base materials. Available in a range of sizes to suit a wide variety of applications.
£3.33 excl vat