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Ox Pro Heavy Duty Knife Blades & Dispenser (10)

Ox Pro Heavy Duty Knife Blades are general-purpose heavy-duty blades. Suitable for use with the OX trade H/duty retractable utility knife. Ideal for both DIY and trade use. The plastic casing means the blades can be safely stored in a tool case or workshop without the risk of injury. Supplied as a single pack of 10 in a plastic casing.
£2.20 excl vat

Stanley 1996 Hooked Blades (Card Of 5)

Sharpened hooked blade with point ideal for penetrating cutting sheet material, in particular floor, roof and plastic coverings. Blades fit all Stanley knives.
£3.13 excl vat

Stanley 5901 Slimknife Blade (Card Of 3)

Straight general purpose light duty blade for modelling and craftwork. For use with 10590 craft knife.
£3.74 excl vat

Stanley Fixed Blade Utility Knife

Metal knife lacquered and grooved for improved holding. Interlock patented blade locking system for greater safety during cutting. Supplied with 3 spare blades.
£6.41 excl vat

Stanley Folding Pocket Knife

Pocket craft knife with a retractable blade supplied with 2 x 5901 blades. Metal body for strength.
£14.25 excl vat

Stanley RB Titan Knife - Retractable

Lightweight aluminium body combining ease of use and durability. Strong high quality brass wheel for efficient locking of the blade. Ideal for precision cutting of the most flexible to the most resistant materials, paper, plastic, cardboard and leather. Supplied with 5 blades.
£21.94 excl vat

Tala 18mm Snap Off Blades (10 per Pack)

Professional quality. Supplied in a handy plastic safety storage case. Pack of 10.
£4.00 excl vat

Tala Heavy Duty Power Whisk PW2

Professional quality. Plated finish. Available size: 130 x 10 x 600mm (5.1/4 x 3/8 x 24”)
£17.73 excl vat

Tala Soft Grip Stainless Steel Jointing Knife 150mm

Ergonomic handle with soft grip. Metal strike cap. Brass rivet and gromit. Flexible spring stainless steel blade.
£7.48 excl vat

Tala Soft Grip Stainless Steel Taping Knife 250mm

Tala Soft Grip Stainless Steel Taping Knife 250mm has an ergonomic handle with a soft grip for user comfort. It is ideal for spreading joint compound over small holes and imperfections in new drywall.
£9.64 excl vat

Stanley 1992 Heavy Duty Blades

The Stanley Heavy Duty Blades are supplied in boxes of 100, the high quality utility blades that are made to fit most utility knives.
£34.18 excl vat

Stanley 1992 Blades (Dispenser of 10)

These Stanley Heavy Duty Blades are supplied in a pack of 10 with a plastic dispenser for safety. These standard blades fit all Stanley knives with 2 different cutting angles to use on all applications.
£3.43 excl vat

Tala Folding Utility Knife with 5 Blades

Tala Folding Utility Knife with 5 Blades is a portable folding knife equipped with a belt clip for easy and safe access to the tool.
£11.79 excl vat

Stanley Quickslide Utility Knife

Stanley Quickslide Utility Knife (Carded) is a one handed slider pocket knife. The knife features a push down blade extender with safety features which secures the blade to stop accidental extending.
£13.48 excl vat

Stanley 99E Retractable Blade Knife

The Stanley 99E Retractable Blade Knife has a metal body shaped for good and controllable grip. The length of the blade is controlled by the blade shifter.
£7.69 excl vat

Ox Trade Retractable Utility Knife

The Ox Trade Retractable Utility Knife is the ideal tool for cutting a variety of materials. Whilst boasting an exceptionally sharp blade, safety remains a paramount feature thanks to the easy slide blade retraction, which works to keep hands safe. The knife is housed in an ergonomic handle with soft grip for comfortable and secure prolonged use.
£5.18 excl vat

Stanley Snap Off Blades 18mm (10)

The Stanley Snap Off Blades 18mm (10) has 8 cutting points and fits most 18mm snap-off blade knives.
£5.84 excl vat