Ground Gas Ancillaries

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Antinox Strong Jointing Tape 48mm x 50m Black

Antinox Strong Jointing Tape 48mm x 50m Black is an easy tear, high tack premium tape that can take on any domestic or commercial needs. It is the premium tape of choice when joining Antinox sheets.
£6.77 excl vat

Black Butyl Tape 30mm x 30m

Visqueen double sided butyl tape is a high performance butyl based mastic double sided jointing tape for jointing products in a wide range of application including radon barriers. Supplied in 30m rolls.
£16.91 excl vat

Visqueen Radon Sump

Visqueen Radon Sump is a pre-fabricated PVC moulded unit consisting of four outlets. The system requires 110mm pipework to be connected with the pipework joints been fully sealed. 460mm diameter with 110mm size outlets.
£33.88 excl vat

Visqueen Radon Top Hat (Inc Clip)

Visqueen Top Hat Units are used to provide an effective seal around service pipe penetrations. Supplied with suitable metal hose clips. Available in 2 sizes .
£9.07 excl vat

Visqueen Double Sided Joint Tape 50mm x 10m

Visqueen Double Sided Jointing Tape is a high performance double sided butyl mastic tape. Supplied with an oversize release film. This is ideal for damp proof membrane joints. Supplied in 50mm x 10 metre length rolls.
£8.56 excl vat

Visqueen Foilback Girth Joint Tape 75mm x 50m

Visqueen Foil Backed Girth Joint Tape is a single sided tape that is reinforced with a foil back and a silver finish. This is used for sealing and bonding the overlaps of gas membranes in order to combat any potential leakage. Supplied in 75mm x 50 metre length rolls.
£19.83 excl vat

Visqueen GR Detailing Strip 300mm x 10m

Visqueen GR Detailing Strip is a composite of PET/aluminium and a high performance cold weather butyl compound. It ensures continuity of gas, waterproofing, and damp protection at complex junctions, terminations and stanchions. Exceptional adhesion at low temperatures. Strip size: 300mm x 10 metre length roll.
£75.13 excl vat

Visqueen Ultimate Lap Tape 150mm x 10m

Visqueen Ultimate Gas Resistant (GR) Lap Tape is an aluminium/HDPE composite with a thick bitumen adhesive layer. The tape has a release film. Available in 150mm x 10m rolls.
£47.25 excl vat