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Elka Duo Lay 3mm Underlay with DPM (15m2)

Elka Duo Lay 3mm Underlay with DPM (15m2) is a lightweight floor underlay for both real wood and laminate flooring.
£23.99 excl vat

Elka Comfortlay Underlay (15m2)

Elka Comfort Lay Underlay (15m2) is a high quality underlaying system. Suitable for all flooring systems, this provides sound reduction and can be used for floors with underground heating.
£47.61 excl vat

Quick Step Basic Plus Underlay (15m2)

Quick Step Basic Plus Underlay is a budget underlay that provides a good base for a quality floor to be placed on. Placing this type of underlay below a floor helps with sound reduction and provides the floor with a built-in vapour barrier. Roll size: 15m2.
£35.47 excl vat

Elka Lay 3mm Underlay (15m2)

Elka Lay 3mm Underlay (15m2) is a useful lightweight underlay for use on laminate and real wood engineered flooring.
£17.17 excl vat