Concrete Repair & Corrosion Control

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Sika Monotop-110 Quick Fixing Mortar 5kg

Sika MonoTop -110 QuickFix is a 1-component fast setting ready-to-use mortar based on cementitious binder and selected aggregates, designed as a fixing mortar characterized by the early strength development.
£16.20 excl vat

Sika Monotop-112 Multi-Use Repair Mortar 5kg

Sika Monotop-112 Multi-Use Repair Mortar is a top quality, general purpose mortar, based on special cements and selected aggregates. This product is ideal for patching and repairing mortar. Sika Montop-112 is ready to use by just adding water, this contains silica fume, synthetic microfibers, and admixtures for improved properties. Supplied in a 5kg bag.
£13.43 excl vat