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Extra Rapid Cement 25kg

For quick setting and hardening concrete and mortar, suitable in a variety of different conditions. Great for repairs and maintenance. Suitable for cold weather working, this has six months shelf life.
£11.38 excl vat

Fondu Cement 25kg

Fondu Cement 25kg is suitable for high temperature applications when used with appropriate refractory aggregates. When used on its own or as a hydraulic binder base for specialty concretes Fondu cement can produce a number of specific properties: quick setting, excellent resistance to heat, thermal cycles and abrasion. When used in combination with specialty aggregates, such as synthetic aggregates a superior performance can be achieved.
£31.06 excl vat

Lagan White Portland Cement 25kg

Lagan's White Portland Cement is prefect for architectural applications such as: balconies, cornices, ornaments, paving stones and flags, sculptures, terrazzo finishes, road markings, kerbs and bollards, structural concrete, floor and wall tils, precast units, and swimming pools.
£9.99 excl vat

Lafarge General Purpose Cement 25kg

Lafarge General Purpose is a 32,5R cement used for traditional nominal mixes for all general applications. It is fully compatible with all standard admixtures such as air-entraining agents, workability aids and water proofers. Available in 25kg paper bags.
£5.38 excl vat

Mannok Cement 25kg

Mannock Premium Grade Cement is a 42,5N strength with exceptional performance. Ideal for concrete, plastering , mortar or screeds. Supplied in 25kg bags.
£6.00 excl vat